Assam CM appoints ‘Guardian Ministers’ for growth of districts

According to authorities, the Assam government would implement the “Guardian Ministers” system by designating two to three districts to each of the 13 ministers for oversight of all elements, including policy decisions and projects.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma designated the Guardian Ministers to ensure that all 34 districts grow in a balanced, expeditious, and sustainable manner.

According to an official of Assam’s Chief Minister’s Office, the ministers would be responsible for implementing state and central government initiatives in the district and resolving related concerns.

“The Guardian Minister would be responsible for supervising the government’s policy choices, administrative changes, and other public welfare programs. The district’s Guardian Minister would assess how fast the public can profit from the government’s initiatives and initiatives “According to the official.

Apart from mandated visits, these Ministers routinely paid trips to their assigned areas, particularly during times of emergency. The Guardian Minister would also make policy recommendations to the government on the district’s welfare and development, which would be evaluated by the state cabinet.

Additionally, they would suggest rewards for the district’s best practices. “They will collaborate with the district administration and other line departments to create a ‘Vision Document’ for the district. Additionally, they would draught a strategy for the district’s infrastructure development. These ministers would assess the district’s resources and present a plan to offer work for the district’s jobless youngsters. They will make recommendations about district-specific concerns that need budget allocation “the official said.

Eight ministers, including the lone female minister Ajanta Neog, were allotted three districts each, while the other five ministers were allotted two districts apiece.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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