Assam Yet to Submit Utilization Certificates (UCs) Worth Rs 51.62 Crore

Assam is yet to send usage certificates (UCs) for five years’ worth of NEC (North Eastern Council) ventures totaling Rs 51.62 crore (2016-17 to 2020-21). This was disclosed in the Ministry of DoNER’s statistical report.

The NEC finances a variety of construction programs in Assam and other Northeastern states.

According to the statistical study, the NEC has released Rs 185.08 crore to Assam over the last five years. Before March 31, 2021, Rs 98.04 crore of the total remained unutilized. The State Government is yet to send certificates of completion for 39 projects worth Rs 51.62 crore.

According to the Ministry of DoNER’s statistical survey, the NEC approved 211 projects worth Rs 1955.45 crore for Assam over the last 17 years. Though 125 of the 1205.63 crores worth of projects have been funded, 86 others worth 749.82 crores are still ongoing.

T&D (Transformation & Development) is the State Government’s nodal department for NEC ventures. On the other side, the tasks are carried out by several other agencies.

The T&D Department is exerting pressure on the agencies responsible for implementing NEC programs, but their answer has been unsatisfactory.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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