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Congress slams Assam CM for population control remarks

Congress slams Assam CM for population control remarks

Congress slams Assam CM for population control remarks. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of the northeastern state of Assam. Is criticize by the opposition Congress on Friday for his views on managing the population of the state.

Because land and resources are limited, Sarma declared in a media interview on Thursday that the immigrant Muslim community must adopt appropriate family planning techniques in order to survive.

“If the population is not controlled properly, a variety of challenges and crimes will occur. SO, putting the future of the next generation at risk,” he said.

Roberta Sharma, the Chairperson of the Assam Congress’ Media Department. Expressed displeasure with the Chief Minister’s words in the context of Assam’s “explosion” of people. Claiming that they were “misinformed and dishonest.”

According to the most recent National Family Health Survey (NFHS). Which is conduct by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and will publish in December 2020. The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) in most Indian states has decreased over the previous five years, according to her statement.

“It is often defined as the average number of children born to a woman by the time she reaches the end of her reproductive years. At which point she is considered to have reached the end of her reproductive ability. The replacement rate is obtain by dividing the total replacement rate by two, which yields the replacement rate. As a consequence, if the fertility rate is less than 2.1, the total population will be less than the current population. Which is refer to as being a “negative growth rate.” If the fertility rate is more than 2.1. The total population would be more than the current population.” Sharma started his own position.

Congress slams Assam CM for population control

She says that, according to the same study mentioned above. So, the fertility rate of women in Assam has decreased from 2.2 in the previous fiscal year to 1.9 in the current fiscal year. And 1.9 is less than 2.1, suggesting that the future population of the state would only be slightly smaller than the current population of the state.

According to the figures provided by the Ministry, there is no chance of population increase as a result of this situation.”

The Chief Minister’s concern about a potential “population explosion” that may occur as a consequence of an inflow of migrants from Bangladesh. And Pakistan after the passing of The Citizenship Amendment Act that may found, according to Mr. Agarwal.

This is an excellent chance for us to reassure the Chief Minister. So, that we would take fast action and do all in our power to protect the Kamakhya temple and the Chief Minister’s residence from an assault of this kind.”

It is her belief that if the population continues to grow at its current rate. “One day even the famous Kamakhya temple land may encroach upon. And that even my house will be encroached upon,” she said. Adding that such statements are unworthy of a state’s Chief Minister. Who is expecting to be well verse in the state’s demographic facts, as is the case in this case.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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