NRI businessman spends Rs 55 lakhs on a charter direct flight from Guwahati to Dubai, in COVID-19

Mushtaque Anfar, a Dubai-based NRI businessman, invested Rs 55 lakhs to charter a direct flight from Guwahati to Dubai in order to resume his job.

This is the first time in Assam’s history that a private jet has traveled all the way from Dubai to pick up and return just one family from Guwahati.

Abdullah Al Quadir, General Secretary of Assam Social Council (ASC) in Dubai, shared the details with G Plus.

Mushtaque Anfar is a well-known entrepreneur who owns a global perfume and oud company. Additionally, he serves as the president of Jamiat Ulama Assam. He was in Assam lately to spend time with his mother and indulge in social work.

Numerous countries, including the UAE, have barred all inbound flights from India due to the increase in COVID-19 incidents.

As he needed to complete work in Dubai, he chartered his own flight and returned to Dubai with his wife, son, and grandchildren via a 5:30 a.m. direct flight from Guwahati to Dubai.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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