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Six miners trapped inside the Meghalaya coal mine

Six miners trapped inside

Total six Assam and Tripura miners are trapped inside a flooded coal mine in Meghalaya’s East Jaintia Hills, police said.

So, according to the local residents, the stranded laborers’ prospects of survival are exceedingly slim.

Shillong police authorities said they had requested assistance from the State Disaster Response Force. Which, together with local residents, is attempting to rescue the six – but also they said that five people were from Assam and one from Tripura.

According to police, a violent explosion sent a flow of water into the mine at Umpleng Elaka Sutnga. Which quickly became swamped, trapping the workers. The search attempts were further hampered by the area’s dampness.

The mine’s owner and ‘Sardar’ (leader) of the employees are now being sought by police.

Nimbalkar Vaibhav Chandrakant, Superintendent of Police in Cachar, claimed he had got information about a few workers thought to be from Assam stuck in the mine.

Meghalaya’s East Jaintia Hills

“We have sent the information to the East Jaintia Hills Superintendent of Police. We have received no information to date “He informed the press.

At least six miners trapped inside from southern Assam’s Karimganj district. And also said were murdered on January 21 while working inside a coal mine in East Jaintia hills.

Monday’s occurrence serves as a chilling reminder of December 13, 201. An illegal coal mine catastrophe in the same East Jaintia Hills area, in which 15 Assamese migrant workers were trapped and killed inside an abandoned coal mine. The 15 workers were trapped at a depth of around 370 feet in the coal mine. After that, the tunnel was filled with water from the neighboring Lytein river. Even the miners’ remains were unable to be recovered after many days of the rescue effort.

In April 2014, the National Green Tribunal in Meghalaya prohibited dangerous rathole coal mining. However, environmental groups in Meghalaya and Assam claimed that mining proceeded illegally with officials turning a blind eye.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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