Addressing Social Media Disaster | The War With The Devil

Social Media Disaster

Addressing Social Media Disaster | The War With The Devil

(Addressing Social Media Disaster)

Life with The Internet

Imagine switching off your phone/internet for an hour. But, why should we? We have reached the peak of technology advancement, created great inventions, and found the easiest way to barter sitting at our home. Found the easiest way to mine riches and satisfy our needs. Life without the internet would mean living out of that privileged universe!

Social Media
Connecting people

Why should we sacrifice those features and go back to the dark ages? We have achieved so much through the platform. It has connected continents and businesses. In the future, we look forward to creating robots to cultivate food for us. We would love to see them put our favorite recipe at our dinner table. Order an organ from home and fix yourselves with just a button.

Buttons are good. Life is easy with colorful buttons. The more they are, the easier it is for us to have a comfortable life.

The positive impact of the internet technology

Internet tools have created some marvelous things in the world. From reuniting lost families, it has even helped people find organ donors. It has helped people express themselves and rise through their talents. They brought systematic changes happening around the world because of the positive platforms. But there is always darkness on the flip side of the coin.

The Controversy

Recent studies by California State University show – Social media aggravates mental health problems, and it is extreme in teenagers. Former Google Design Ethicist Tristan Harris, now the founder of Centre of Humane Technology, slams Google for its unethical conduct. He believes the addictive nature of Google products should stop, and they should adopt what he calls Ethical Design.

I found it fascinating there was no one at Gmail working on making it less addictive. I haven’t heard anybody talk about this -he says.

Social media
Tim Harris

Tristan is also known as the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience. He states that Google has a moral responsibility to solve the massive problem it has caused over time. The admiration, which Google received during the social media revolution by launching Facebook has now become a virtual pact with the devil.

With the introduction of Money Machine, social media has become a hub of self-generating advertisement factories.  Those money machines have made the people lose conscience. People are spending more time on online platforms and less time on themselves. – Tim Kendall (former President of Pinterest)

The negative impact of excessive Internet Usage

With the increase of internet usage new mental disease like Snapchat Dysmorphia, Internet Addiction Disorder, Eating Disorder, OCD, Depression, and Insomnia has become a common issue among young people.

Nowadays, people are more exposed to fake news, Cyberbullying, revengeporn, sextortion, internet predation, and unhealthy cyber relationships. The Information age has transformed into a disinformation age. Internet technology has become one of the crucial factors which are Eroding the Social fabric of our society.

Addressing social media
Identity Disorder

The negative impact of Social Media: Social Media Use and Its Connection to Mental Health

Jonathan Haidt, Ph.D. (Social Psychologist), stresses that because of the rise of anxiety and depression, the number of teenage girls out of 100,000 in America are admitted to hospital every year because they cut themselves or otherwise harmed themselves.  He also states that of older teen girls, 15 to 19 years of age the suicide rate per 1,000,000 girls is 70 %, and pre-teen girls is 151% and is increasing every year all around the world and he briefly elaborates on his book ‘The righteous Mind‘.

We are in the middle of a constant war between conscious individuals and social media giants. The social media giants are constantly developing new methods to manipulate people into addictiveness.

Social media
People vs Social media

With the rise of digital products like beauty plus and face filters, youths are now developing personality detachment. They are becoming more conscious about their looks. Achieving The impossible perfection is driving people to invest more in want-oriented products, and those products are being supervised by the same technology giants who are selling ads and commercials to you twenty-four hours. You are a guinea pig of your own choices, and it’s too late.        

If not, The question is, who is going to win the war, the supercomputing computers with set goals and algorithms to manipulate us, or humans?

(Addressing Social Media Disaster)

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