After all what was the first part of AVATAR all about. This part of summery will innately give us the recap or we wont get to the second part of AVATAR 2. The part specially revolves around Jake Sully born in 2126 who join Marine in the young age and so soberly wound that he became paralyzed from the west town actually not a good starting condition to explain. However what a tragedy incident cause him to travel instead of him to his twin brother . After he try to sleep in a broad of space craft for several years. And he finally arrive on the beautiful planet with the few of the human and few of the detail of his mission to mingle with the native Navi and discover there weaknesses. Behind he whole operation is the Resources Development Administration. They found the parity keen on the rock that is Optimum which found on Pandora. A scientific that has genetically modify the molecule of human DNA and navi DNA. These so called AVATAR can be controlled by the human using there human brain through the nerve connected t the AVATAR.

As we mention earlier AVATAR is set of real 3d hot bang bang which is one of the from of nest to put up with the accusation that movie goes only up to the movie to its 3D and not because of the blood. The fact that dough stuck director James Cameron. you will realize that these 60 years old has planned more than 4 sequel for the franchise


Now, just we turn our plan to possible part of AVATAR 2. After the brilliant pat of first part, human was successfully expel from Pandora. Slowly but truly peace return turns Navi. Now, Jake sully became fully one of them. As a role as a father he now has a back routine, and now he and his wife Neytiri set have to explore all the wonder of the beautiful planet Pandora. Then the process they not only find themselves alone in the beautiful finest planet of the Pandora, but also equally charming and dangerous under water world of the Pandora oceans. As to the aspects of human acumens. Oh by the way producer Jon Landau has short that he will be watch AVATAR 2 that any far of the knowledge of first pat of AVATAR movie so it would be not essential to watch the whole movie again. Our Summary for part 1 is of more then enough.


What interesting is that even it fall off first part came out Director James Cameron says he wanted at least 2 sequel has to follow, success prove him right. But one of the most expensive production in film history at that time, and to the blockbuster quickly rose to the top as the most successful movie of all time, up became as sooner or later sequel was to follow. Plan was to go back to back shoot in New Zealand. For the respective script of AVATAR 2 to 4 Cameron higher different script writer which each of them came of their own. Josh Friedman for part 2, Rica Jaffa & Amanda Silver for part 3, Shane Salerno for part 4. Only part 5 is missing its script writer. James Cameron who only known as a man of few words also announce that he would like to use footage from the Mariana trance to deep spot on the earth as a reference of the under water Pandora and terms of 3d technology Cameron also announce nothing less then revolution. He wanted to shoot the sequence at 60FPS (frame per second) to better and all above smother 3d moreover we hear that AVATAR 2 will be screening in 3d without using glasses, and that will be nothing less then new 3d revolution. The problem is that it would required upgrading almost every movie theater in the world to new technology by investing a large sum of money, a pity unlikely scenario specially in light of the pandemic and the lack of revenue. While Cameron is remain visionary in the movie business, we can only hope that AVATAR 2 not only feature great 3d technology but also a captivating plug.



For couples of years already vary style of the sequel have been circulating in the AVATAR fan community and consider highly and lightly movie will just be called AVATAR 2. Back in 2018 the British news channel BBC brought up 4 possible title which even to they have neither denied nor confirm. So, there are 4 title for 4 sequel and not know which title is for which title.

  1. AVATAR – Way of Water
  2. AVATAR – The Seed Bearer
  3. AVATAR – The Tulkun Rider
  4. AVATAR – The Quest For Eywa

Please comment us which title you will assign. And also discuss in the comment box why actually BBC name the title and its meaning. I will define the meaning in the next post.


Lets move on to the cast of AVATAR 2 of course several familiar face will be making a comeback such as Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, Stephen Land, Sigourney Weaver, Matt Gerald, Giovanni Ribisi, for some of them the question is certainly appropriate that to how exactly the person is exactly

look like after these years. But more exciting are all the new cast member because as what you aspect from the big Hollywood movie the new cast include Vin Diesel, Kate Winslet, Michelle yeoh, edie Falco, Cliff Curtis, Jemaine Clement, David Thewlis.

What do you think?

Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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