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The SC accepts the CBSE’s 30:30:40 assessment schedule for Class 12, with results due by July 31. (Ld)

The SC accepts the CBSE's 30:30:40 assessment schedule for Class 12, with results due by July 31. (Ld)

The SC accepts the CBSE’s 30:30:40 assessment schedule for Class 12. The Supreme Court approved the Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) methodology for evaluating Class 12 pupils on Thursday.

The CBSE told a bench presided over by Justice A.M. Khanwilkar and comprised of Justice Dinesh Maheshwari in an affidavit that the performance of students in Class 11. And Class 10 examinations would also be consider while assessing Class 12 pupils.

The CBSE stated that for Class 12, the unit test/mid-term/pre-board exam will account for 40% of the grade; for Class 11, the theory component of the final exam will account for 30% of the grade; and for Class 10, the average theory component of the best three performing subjects out of the main five subjects will account for 30% of the grade.

The CBSE told the Supreme Court that Class 12 results would be publish on July 31.

Attorney General K.K. Venugopal argued on behalf of the CBSE that for Class 12. Marks would be based on unit tests/mid-term exams/pre-board exams, with a weightage of 40%. He said that the overall number of points given should correspond to the school’s previous achievement in Class 12 board exams. Therefore, The CBSE approved the formula after receiving input from 229 Sahodaya School Complexes representing 7,734 schools. And also a 13-member expert group comprised of IAS officials and education professionals. The expert committee was form on June 4.

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According to the policy, each school shall establish a result committee comprised of two senior-most PGT from the same school and two PGT from neighboring schools. The committee has been grant discretion to produce the outcome in accordance with the policy.

“On the off chance that an up-and-comer is discontent with the appraisal acted in accordance with the approach. The individual in question will be offer the chance to sit for Board-led assessments when the conditions warrant. Because of this arrangement, the evaluations procured in the resulting test would be considered last “. As indicated by the CBSE’s testimony.

The CBSE elaborate on the criteria for the Class 12 assessment, stating:. “Class 12 theory marks would be calculate on the basis of performance in one or more Unit Test(s)/Mid-Term/Pre-Board(s) theoretical examinations. The school’s result committee may choose the weighting to be assign to each test depending on the assessment’s credibility and dependability. For instance, if the committee determines that just the Pre-Board examinations should be evaluated, that component may get full weighting. Similarly, another school’s outcome committee may elect to give Pre-Board and Mid-Term examinations equal weight “‘.

Class 12 theoretical marks will be calculated using the results of the year-end final theory test in each subject. Class 10 average must be applied uniformly to all Class 12 courses, in accordance with their theoretical weighting “, the document said. The majority of lawyers representing pupils agreed with the CBSE evaluation scheme.

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CISCE lawyer J.K. Das told the Supreme Court that it would consider students’ performance over the past six years while assigning Class 12 students’ final grades.

The Supreme Court recommended that the plan should include a mechanism for resolving student complaints after the announcement of results. The AG said that he will speak with the appropriate authorities. The Supreme Court said that the two boards may proceed with notifying their assessment methods after adopting the court’s recommendations.

The Supreme Court said that it will rehear the case on June 21 to see if any further suggestions may be made to the CBSE for consideration.

Additionally, the Supreme Court decided to consider petitions seeking to annul state board exams for Class 12 in Assam, Punjab, Tripura, and Andhra Pradesh.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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