Comedian Bharti Singh used to yearn for bread for two times after father’s death, mother used to work in people’s homes, don’t know how luck changed

Bharti Singh is a famous comedian today and she wins everyone’s heart with her style of laughing. Let us tell you that although Indian Singh has become a big comedian today, but there was a time when he used to spend two days inside the house.

Let us tell you that Bharatiya Singh who was very young, at the same time her father passed away. After the death of his father, sorrows invited Bharti Singh’s life and troubles kept coming in his life.

After the father’s departure, Bharti Singh did not even feel sorry for the bread for two times and she used to be very upset due to not getting food, along with this, Bharti also told that after the father’s departure, her mother used to work in other’s houses. and from there they used to get stale food which they used to eat.

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Bharti Singh had told that when she was selected for the Laughter Challenge, people started making things up. People used to tell his mother that if you take her to Mumbai, she will not be able to get married. Bharti’s mother’s courage was not broken by people’s words. The mother said, ‘I will definitely take my daughter to Mumbai once. Because I do not want it to remain in his mind that there was a chance but my mother did not take me.

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Bharti had told, ‘Staying in Mumbai for six months, I worked very hard for the Laughter Challenge. It was not even known when Bharti Singh became a big name for the world. To be honest, I struggled a lot before coming on TV. I had enrolled in sports in college so that my fees could be waived. I used to go to practice at five in the morning. Then I used to get food coupons everyday from which other girls used to drink juice everyday.

Bharti Singh further said, ‘I used to save my coupons of five rupees every day and used to take fruits and juices to my house at the end of the month with the same coupons. At that time it was difficult to earn even two meals a day. In such a situation, the family members used to become very happy after seeing the fruit. In those days I used to do theater in Amritsar. Then Kapil Sharma had won Laughter Challenge 3. One day he told me that the next season of this show is coming, you participate in it. It was on Kapil’s insistence that Bharti auditioned and got shortlisted for Mumbai. Then Bharti traveled by flight for the first time. Bharti Singh’s luck opened up after the Laughter Challenge and she is at a good place today.

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