It Follows 2: Will This Film’s Sequel Arrive in 2022?

It Follows 2: Will This Film's Sequel Arrive in 2022?

It Follows 2: Will This Film’s Sequel Arrive in 2022? There are so many great horror flicks that will introduce you to something you have never seen before. One of these amazing new and unique things and plots can be seen in David Robert Mitchell’s film ‘it follows,’ which is one of David’s rarest and most brilliant films, in which he flawlessly transformed his nightmare occurrences and things into such a horror film.

However, due to its restricted release, It Follows became the greatest film among all spectators, who adored it when they saw it, earning a staggering 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The picture thrills fans and spectators as the dread level increases; it is one of the few horror films, and Mitchell and the distributors have disclosed that they are working on a sequel.

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Let us proceed to learn about the film’s possible sequel by first learning what occurred. It follows the original film to learn about the storyline and why fans who are unfamiliar with this horror film like it.

What Happened in the Original 2014 Film ‘It Follows’?

It Follows 2 Will This Film’s Sequel Arrive in 2022

It Follows centers on Jay, a young girl whose world is flipped upside down when she meets her lover, Hugh, and the two make love for the first time in the vehicle.

At first glance, the film does not seem to be a horror picture, but as the film progresses, the horror begins, as Hugh reveals that he is cursed by a supernatural entity and that it will only leave him if he has sexual relations with another person, thereby passing the curse on to another person.

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Thus, Hugh’s misfortune is passed on to Jay, a 19-year-old college student. It seems as if the illness is being transmitted from one person to another when another comes into touch with the afflicted individual. Thus, this curse is also transmitted to another individual; in this case, it is on Jay, and the creature intends to assassinate Jay.

Thereby, it was revealed that in order to free herself of the entity, she would need to sleep with another person in order to pass the curse on and thus save her life. Initially, she refuses, and the thing pursues her in many forms, with only she able to see it.

As a result, she decided to enlist the assistance of her sister Kelly, as well as her friends Paul, Yara, and Greg, in order to rescue herself and discover a method to escape from the monster.

It takes the shape of anybody, whether you love them or not, or even total strangers who constantly follow you.

Finally, Paul decides to take a chance and have intercourse with Jay, after which he passes to one of the prostitutes. Paul then walks down the road with Jay, holding Jay’s hand, but it seems as if the creature is also following them.

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It Follows 2: What Is the Sequel’s Expected Plot?

In the film’s climax, you see that all of Jay’s friends are attempting to shock the entity that wishes to kill him. At that point, the entity manifests in the form of his deceased father in the swimming pool and attempts to kill Jay by pulling her into the water. However, they shoot the entity but ultimately fail, and it is an interesting scene that the director included in the film but in the eponymous eponymous eponymous eponymous eponymous

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Thus, it allows for the possibility of a sequel in order to discover why the cursing entity travels from one location to another and why it is murdering everyone; alternatively, if the curse returns to the original location, what is the cause for this entity. As a result, there is plenty of room for ‘It Follows’ sequels.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tom Quinn stated that they were considering the plot for a possible sequel. “I don’t want to give too much away, but we’ve considered it… Reverse the title… There is a great deal you could do.”

David Robert Mitchell said in an interview with Vulture that he is open to the idea of working on a sequel.

“I’m not sure whether a sequel would be my next project, but I’m definitely open to it… However, I want to emphasize that when I created this, I had some larger set-pieces in mind, a few things that I simplified, and other things that we decided to leave out due to budget and time constraints, so there are a lot of interesting things that could be done with this idea and story.”

However, there is currently no news about the sequel’s official release date.

It Follows 2 Release Date

It Follows 2 Will This Film’s Sequel Arrive in 2022

There have been numerous discussions about a sequel to It Follows over the years, but nothing has come to fruition despite the team members’ efforts. Until now, no announcement regarding the film’s renewal has been made, so the likelihood of a sequel is slim. However, if they write the story completely, there is a chance that it will arrive in 2022 or later.

However, there is no official word about a sequel, since the film has a 50/50 probability of being renewed or canceled.

The cast of It Follows 2

Who will appear in the sequel to this horror film?

If a sequel is made, Maika Monroe will reprise her role as Jay, Keir Gilchrist will reprise his role as Paul, and Daniel Zovatto will reprise his role as Grey, with Jake Weary, Olivia, and Lili Sepe as Hugu, Yara, and Kelly, respectively. Along with fresh faces, these cast members are the youngest and most bright to help make the sequel a success for the second time.

Is a Trailer for the It Follows Sequel Available?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer for this horror film sequel, but you may watch the official trailer for the first It Follows.


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