Neha Singh Rathore targets Nitish Kumar

Singer Neha Singh Rathore, who raised questions on the working style of the government in her unique style, has besieged the Bihar government this time. By releasing the song ‘Bihar Mein Ka Ba…’ season-2, he has raised questions on the violence on Ram Navami festival, the pairing of Nitish and Tejashwi, unemployment as well as many other policies of the government.

Singer Neha Singh Rathore, who created a ruckus in political corridors with her folk songs, is once again in headlines. After besieging the Yogi Adityanath government on many issues through the song ‘UP Me Ka Ba…’, this time he has made a scathing attack on the state’s CM Nitish Kumar through ‘Bihar Me Ka Ba…’. He has questioned the violence on Ram Navami festival in Bihar, the pairing of Nitish and Tejashwi, unemployment as well as many other policies of the government. Renowned poet Dr. Kumar Vishwas has also given a reaction on this.

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Taking a jibe at the Bihar government through the song, singer Neha said, “Stone pelting continues in the Ramnavmi procession, chacha-bhatija ke chakki me pees rahal bihari ba… ka ba… Bihar me ka ba…, theft, cheating, kidnapping, In the fragrance of violence, our cost is in the sound of Jungle Raj. At the feet of the uncle, the brother-in-law’s Chardham Ba, Mare La Jhapra, Jarat Nalanda, Jare Sasaram Ba… Ka Ba… Ka Ba in Bihar…”

When Neha Singh Rathore got angry on the question

Poet Kumar Vishwas praised Neha Singh

On this folk song of Neha, Kumar Vishwas tweeted, “If the king becomes blind, if the service becomes a business, then the pillar to show the truth, if the image is managed, then no matter how powerful the government is, the power and the rulers No matter how related to It is always the duty of ‘effective’ poets and folk-singers to raise the concerns of the public with complete fearlessness and courage… keep living Neha”

Let us inform that earlier Neha Singh Rathore had sung the song ‘UP Mein Ka Ba’ regarding the Madauli incident in Kanpur, UP. His troubles started after this song. A legal notice was issued against him. Meanwhile, a separate debate had started on social media that her husband was fired from the job after coming under pressure from the government.

When Dr. Vikas Divyakirti, the founder of Drishti IAS, was asked about the claims being made on social media, he said that he had rejected these claims outright. Talking to The Lallantop, he had said that the timing of both these decisions is just a coincidence.

When Dr. Vikas Divyakeerti was asked whether pressure was put on Drishti because of Neha Singh Rathore’s song, he said that ‘Drishti IAS’ is an institution working under a corporate culture. The expulsion of someone from this institution cannot be the decision of any one person at all.

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