Once upon a time, Babar Azam used to sleep hungry for many days, once he was not lucky enough to get bread, today he is the owner of crores.

Babar Azam has made a huge nomination in the whole world on the basis of his hard work and ability because Babar Azam has become a very good player today. But Babar Azam has faced many difficulties to reach here.

Today who is known by the name of Babar Azam in the whole world because he has earned a huge name because of his brilliant batting. But do you know that Babar Azam had to face many difficulties to reach here, it was not easy for him to reach all this.

There was a time when Babar Azam used to crave even for a single day’s bread, but today Babar Azam is the owner of crores of rupees. To reach here, he has to face a lot of hard work and many difficulties.

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Babar keeps getting compared to Virat Kohli. Although the cricket career of both has been quite different. Virat Kohli won the Best ODI Cricketer of the Year award for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018. Although the story of the struggle of both is not much different. A video is continuously going viral on Twitter in which Babar Azam’s father is remembering his old days and telling how there was no money even for food at home.

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He said, “The situation was such that if I had eaten, my son had to starve because there was money to eat only once. We both used to lie to each other about food, whenever we asked each other for food, the person in front used to say yes. This video is becoming quite viral on social media. Today, due to his hard work and dedication, Babar has become one of the best batsmen in the world.

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