This South actor lives in a house worth 100 crores, lives like a king, see beautiful pictures of his family

Shah Rukh Khan is included in the list of the most expensive and richest actors in Bollywood. From whose house to car collection, people’s eyes stop. But there is someone who competes even with Shahrukh in terms of luxurious lifestyle and earning and that is South’s superstar Allu Arjun. Yes… seeing their glamour, you too will bite your fingers. You will be shocked to know the net worth of Allu Arjun, who lives like a king.

Allu Arjun lives in a house worth 100 crores

The house where actor Allu Arjun lives with his entire family is said to be worth around 100 crores. A luxurious bungalow with all the amenities. From the swimming pool to the lavish garden make this bungalow even more beautiful and luxurious.

From most expensive vanity to luxurious car collection

Allu Arjun is said to have the most expensive vanity van, which has been made with the latest technology and has taken full care of the actor’s needs. The cost of this digital vanity van is also said to be 7 crores. Which is discussed a lot. Apart from this, Allu has a luxurious car collection. Allu has Range Rover Vogue worth 2.5 crores, BMW worth 80 lakhs, Jaguar worth 1.25 crores and Audi worth 86 lakhs.

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Take heart before knowing the net worth
Now let’s talk about the total net worth of Allu Arjun which is said to be 370 crores. If reports are to be believed, Allu charges 10 crores for a film. So there they charge 3 crores for advertisements. According to this, his annual earning has been estimated at 32 crores. Overall, in 2023, his net worth is up to 370 crores. In this way, Allu is one of the richest and most expensive stars of South who started his career as a child artist.

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