Top K-dramas in May: ‘The Atypical Family’, ‘Uncle Samsik’, ‘Crash’, and more

Most Anticipated Korean Dramas Coming in May 2022

With the success of “Queen of Tears” wrapping up its run and “Lovely Runner” gaining a steady following, Korean drama fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming shows in May. Here are some of the most anticipated ones:

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

Wi Ha-jun enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate as he takes on a lead role in this romantic comedy alongside Jung Ryeo-won. The storyline follows Ha-jun’s character returning to his old cram school and reuniting with his teacher from ten years ago.

Streaming on Viki from May 11

The Atypical Family

In a world where even superheroes are not immune to modern-day issues like smartphone addiction, “The Atypical Family” explores the lives of superpowered individuals who lose their abilities due to contemporary problems. Jang Ki-yong and Chun Woo-hee headline the cast, promising an intriguing storyline that includes a mysterious woman.

Streaming on Netflix from May 4

Frankly Speaking

Imagine being unable to control your words. This is the dilemma faced by the protagonist in “Frankly Speaking,” where Go Kyung-pyo plays a radio announcer who speaks without a filter. The series takes a comedic turn when a variety show producer sees an opportunity for more content in his candidness.

Streaming on Netflix from May 1

The 8 Show

Following the success of “Squid Game,” “The 8 Show” presents a thrilling premise where eight individuals are confined in an eight-story building, earning money based on their time spent there. With a stellar cast including Ryu Jun-yeol and Chun Woo-hee, the series promises suspense and drama.

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Streaming on Netflix from May 17

Uncle Samsik

This period drama set in the 1960s features Song Kang-ho in the titular role, exploring the friendship between Samsik and Kim San during a tumultuous era. With Tiffany Young in a supporting role, “Uncle Samsik” offers a compelling narrative of historical significance.

Streaming on Disney+ from May 15

Dare to Love Me

Join Kim Myung-soo on a journey of self-discovery and romance as he portrays an aspiring webtoon writer finding inspiration in an art teacher played by Lee Yoo-young. This heartwarming tale showcases the power of love and support in pursuing dreams.

Streaming on Viki from May 13


Lee Min-ki returns to the screen in “Crash” as a member of the Traffic Crime Investigation team, navigating the challenges of law enforcement in the city. With an ensemble cast, the series promises action and intrigue as they tackle road-related crimes.

Streaming on Disney+ from May 13

As May unfolds, Korean drama enthusiasts have an exciting lineup of shows to look forward to, each offering a unique blend of romance, suspense, and drama. With talented cast members and engaging storylines, these series are sure to captivate audiences worldwide.