YouTuber Armaan Malik’s wife’s health deteriorated after delivery, son got jaundice, whole family in tension

India’s biggest YouTuber and Armaan Malik is also seen in more trouble as his son has got jaundice. Kritika Malik, wife of Armaan Malik’s friend, became a mother some time ago and after becoming a mother, once again she has to face problems.

Let us tell you that Kritika Malik’s health has worsened, on the other hand, Zaid Malik, who is sitting on the phone, is also very ill. Zaid Malik has developed jaundice after which both have been admitted to the hospital.

Due to ill health of Germany, his entire family is in the hospital and is continuously praying that his son gets well as soon as possible.

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The doctor says that Zaid Malik is ill and he is not drinking milk, that is the reason why the owner of the deformity has high fever. On the other hand, the delivery of Payal Mandir is also in front but Payal Malik is taking full care of Kritika.

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