Swiggy paying Covid-affected delivery partners Rs 14K for 2 weeks

Swiggy paying Covid-affected delivery partners Rs 14K for 2 weeks

Swiggy paying Covid-affected delivery partners Rs 14K for 2 weeks. Swiggy, an on-demand delivery platform, announced on Monday that as part of its ‘Swiggy Suraksha initiative. It is providing a special care package to its delivery partners affected by Covid-19. This includes Rs 14,000 in support for two weeks. So, they don’t have to worry about earning a living during the recovery period.

Swiggy will also transport homestyle meals produced in the company’s cloud kitchens to partners’ doorsteps in places like Bangalore. Hyderabad, and Chennai.

In a statement to the press, the firm said that the family members of delivery partners. And those who test positive for the virus. Moreover, they will get entitled to significant insurance benefits, which total around Rs 1.5 lakh (more than US$300).

Additionally, Swiggy has increased its life insurance coverage to Rs 5 lakh. In case of a delivery partner’s premature death as a result of Covid-19.

“Through Swiggy Suraksha, we’re ensuring that our delivery heroes have the necessary support. Including a 24-hour hotline for medical emergencies, access to doctors for themselves and their families. Income support, free vaccine access, and hospitalization coverage for themselves and their families. If they’re affected by Covid,” Swiggy COO Vivek Sunder said in a statement.

Therefore, Swiggy increased life insurance coverage to Rs 5 lakh

Separately, Swiggy will give economic assistance to delivery partners for one week after a death of a dependent/parent/sibling/grandparent.

The company has decleared that There is no specific link between the death of the employees at Covid-19 and this loss.

Within the Swiggy delivery partner app, the firm has developed a microsite dubbed ‘Swiggy Suraksha’. This is to guarantee that delivery partners have access to and understanding of the help provided by Swiggy.

Swiggy has implemented a variety of measures during the pandemic, including in-app access to free telemedicine consultations, vaccine coverage, and loss of pay coverage during immunization.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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