Weight Loss Drinks that Really Work! Know how?

Weight Loss Drinks that Really Work

If you have been into a supermarket anytime in the last few years, chances are you have seen weight loss drinks, powders, and supplements. Believe it or not, weight loss drinks are everywhere. You just have to know what are they. Chances are, you already have them (or the ingredients to make them) in your kitchen. Here, we will tell you weight loss drinks that truly work. Plus, they are much cheaper than your supermarket readymade options. Super power your diet by trying to add at least one of these weight loss drinks to your daily regimen.


Believe it or not, water is a super weight loss drink. Plus, it is much cheaper than nearly any other drink on earth. Everyone has access to water. How can water help you to lose weight? Water can help you to process and flush away fat quicker than other any drink. Studies have shown that when you drink at least 8 glasses of cold water each day, you can burn hundreds more calories per day. Try adding a few slices of fruit for a bit of flavor if you are not a regular plain water drinker.


Teas are fantastic weight loss drinks. Studies show that teas like green tea, oolong tea, and white tea can all help you to burn more fat. All you have to do is drink at least 3 and no more than 5 cups per day, and you can burn over 40% more fat than those who do not drink tea. When drinking tea, be sure to keep it pure. Do not add sweetener or milk, as this can raise the fat and calorie content. The combination of antioxidants and caffeinethat are in these types of teas are what will work to boost your weight loss.


Smoothies are a great option either before you have a meal, or as a meal replacement. We are talking about smoothies, here, that use Greek yogurt as a base. Greek yogurt is thicker and healthier than other types. You can boost smoothies by adding other supplements to them. There are plenty recipes out there that you can easily tailor to your preferences or diet. The fact that yogurt contains calcium means that you will create less fat and burn more fat. You will also eat less as smoothies give you the sensation of being full, quicker.

The Chinese have enjoyed Chinese white tea for more than a thousand years, although the western world has only recently become aware of this delicious brew. It is made of select early leaves of the tea plant along with the plant’s silver buds, which are then steamed and dried. The processing is very minimal, making it a premium choice for many tea drinkers. Its name comes from the silvery white hairs that are found on the tea plant’s buds.

This eloquent drink boasts a lovely appearance and has a sweet, delicate flavor that isn’t heavy or overwhelming.

White tea also has a very long history in China. Although it is not known when it was first discovered, it was a preferred choice among several emperors throughout the country’s history. At one point, white tea buds and leaves were actually made into a powder used to make tea. However, later loose leaf tea would become the primary method of brewing it.

Until recently, it has been largely unknown throughout most of the world. However, studies and discoveries surrounding its benefits have increased its popularity outside of the Orient. The following are just a few of the excellent benefits of this beverage.


Benefit #1 – Powerful Antioxidants

One of the main benefits of this tea is the powerful antioxidants that it contains. Since it is the least processed form of tea, it has more antioxidants than other forms. The antioxidants found in it help to protect the body from free radical damage. All these antioxidants can help slow down aging, fight off inflammation in the body and even increase the strength of the body’s immune system.

Benefit #2 – Lighter Flavor to Enjoy

Many people appreciate the lighter flavor that comes with Chinese white tea. It has a very light flavor that is much lighter than green and black teas. Since it is so light and sweet, it doesn’t have the small amount of “grassy” flavor that many people notice when drinking green tea.

Benefit #3: Reduces the risk of heart disease

Studies show that one of the benefits of white tea is its ability to help reduce the risk of heart disease. The American Journal of Epidemiology published a study in 2001 that showed that many of the components in this tea help dilate blood vessels within the body. This results in better blood flow and lower blood pressure. Catechins are one of the main components that provide this effect and are found in greater quantities in this Camellia sinensis plant product than in green and black teas. Those who drink it regularly can even enjoy the benefit of lower cholesterol levels, which also helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

Benefit #4 – Prevents and fights cancer

Since this concoction contains such a high amount of catechins, these high-potency antioxidants help prevent and fight cancer within the body. Studies that have been done show that drinking it regularly can help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, including ovarian, pancreatic, colon, skin, stomach, breast, lung, and prostate cancers.

Of course, these are just some of the great benefits of white tea that people can enjoy when they consume it regularly. It is also known to strengthen bones and teeth, can help promote weight loss, and can help skin look youthful and beautiful.