41% back govt’s decision to continue with Central Vista project

While opposition parties oppose the Central government’s grandiose Central Vista project, according to the ABP-C Voter Modi 2.0 Report Card, around 41% of people supported the government’s choice to initiate and sustain the initiative amid the Covid issue.

According to the ABP-C Voter poll, 41.8 percent believe that the Narendra Modi administration made the correct option to initiate and maintain the Central Vista project during the Corona era.

According to the study, 48.5% of respondents in urban areas and 38.9% of respondents in rural areas deemed the government’s choice to proceed with the Central Vista project during Covid times to be right.

On the other side, 33.9 percent of respondents said that the government’s decision to proceed with the project in the midst of the Covid crisis was improper.

According to the study, 29.5% of individuals in urban regions and 35.7% of individuals in rural regions believe it was a poor choice.

24.4 percent of respondents chose not to comment on the subject.

Between May 23 and May 27, the study polled 12,070 adults throughout the nation.

The opposition parties have criticized the Central Vista project, arguing that it should not be maintained at a time when the nation is suffering from the Covid outbreak, with many people complaining about not being able to get hospital beds, immunizations, oxygen cylinders, and life-saving medication.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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