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Cyclone effects: Navy goes to rescue 297 stuck on the oil rig, barge

The Indian Navy (IN), with the Cyclone Tauktae’s fallout on Tuesday, has dispatched its warship, INS Talwar, to an oil plant and barge with 2,97 people in the Bombay region.

One official said that INS Talwar was going to the Sagar Bhushan oil plant with 101 people on board and Barge SS-3 lodging with 196 people.

The two boats are trampled and tipped around by strong waves in extreme seas and are presently around 90 km south-east of Pipavav Port in Gujarat.

Earlier, the INS Kolkata succeeded in saving two passengers from the Vara Prabha lifeboat in another recovery attempt.

Furthermore, 146 of the 273 individuals who were stuck on the P-305 barge near Bombay High Fields were rescued by the Indian Navy and a separate operation was undertaken to rescue 137 citizens on a ‘Gal Constructor’ barge which had now reached the north and was about 89 km away from Colabah Point.

The IN has started an aerial search and rescue campaign with its P81 and ‘Seaking’ helicopters with 707 persons waiting urgently for assistance in the various accidents and 148 of them, including two of them from a life raft, have so far been rescued.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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