Ganesh Puja is becoming popular in Kali Nagar

Ganesh Puja is becoming popular in Kali Nagar

Ganesh Puja is becoming popular in Kali Nagar. Crossing the borders of Mumbai, where Lord Ganesha rules, the worship of the elephant-headed deity has become popular in the city where the Mother Goddess rules.

Ganesha Puja, initiated in public places by freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak in the then Bombay province in line with Bengal’s Durga Puja, has now become popular in Kolkata, a metropolis whose citizens highly worship Goddess Kali and Durga. . Do it all devoted.

After low-key celebrations in the last two years due to restrictions imposed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ganesh Puja is being staged here this year in a big way.

This time, demand for Ganesha idols was so high that some artisans in Kumartuli, the city’s clay modeling hub, had to turn down last-minute orders.

Master craftsman Sanatan Pal said: Ganesha worship has increased in the last 10 years in and around the city. Normally, I only make Durga idols, but this year I decided to make Ganesha idols. I decided to do it. I had to take several orders.

According to Abhishek Das, a member of the Muraripukur Ganesh Puja Committee in Kolkata, 15 friends gathered in 2008 to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

He said that when we started Ganesh Puja here, craftsmen in Kolkata Municipal Corporation District No. 14 used to make only three idols.

Das said that anyone who visits his workshops this year will see at least 30 to 40 idols of Lord Ganesha. have started to do

Jaydeep Raha of the Parnashri Pali Ganesh Pujo Committee in Behala shared a similar experience.

Around 270 people, who frequent a cafe, came together to organize Ganesh Chaturthi 10 years ago.

Raha said that five years ago there were two such priests near our area. Now this number has increased to eight or nine.

Amites Mukhopadhyay, a sociology professor at Jadavpur University, attributed the rise in unemployment to a lack of formal employment, many people getting involved in the business of religion, and the diversification of new religious practices.

Festivals and worship help break the monotony. Also, Bengalis are no longer confined to white-collar jobs. Times and mentalities have also changed over the years. He added that with many Bengalis in various businesses, there has been an increased interest in associated deities.

Babua Bhowmik, who has been organizing Ganesh Puja in the Ultadanga area of ​​the city for the past few years, welcomed the new trend.

I have been doing this pooja for the last 40 years. Not many people or clubs celebrated it then. In a way, this is a welcome trend as clay models are getting more work across the city, including in Kumaratuli. , leads to more business, Bhowmick said.

Explaining the new trend, Dr. Angshuman Sarkar, Professor of Sociology at Government Girls General Degree College, Iqbalpur area of ​​the city, said: You must have seen that more and more people have also organized Jagdhatri Puja in different areas. has started

Previously, pujas were mainly held in Chandannagar and Krishnanagar.

From a social point of view, I understand that the increase in the number of bids is due to the fact that people are trying to overcome all kinds of problems to feel better and free themselves from stress, tension, daily anxiety. . One can be free and free from insecurities, the professor explained. PTI on the phone

The sociologist predicted that Ganesha Puja will soon be as visible an issue as Durga Puja in the city.

Different puja organizers compete with each other, be it with idols, pandals or decorations. A Salt Lake resident teacher said he wanted to turn his worshiping crowd.