Nearly 100 Bodies Found Floating in Ganga

Over the last few days, 96 unidentified corpses, many of them decomposing and swollen, have been discovered floating in the Ganga. Local residents in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh (UP) became fearful that bodies of Covid victims were being deposited in the water.

The floating bodies in the Ganga have elicited shock and outrage. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh authorities are yet to confirm whether the unexplained decomposing and bloated bodies of 96 citizens were COVID incidents.

Meanwhile, officials in Bihar have claimed that the bodies do not belong to their province, and several have reportedly floated from Uttar Pradesh.

Due to the dramatic rise in COVID positive cases in rural areas of the region, it is believed that the bodies discovered in Ganga are those of deceased COVID patients.

Rural crematoriums are accused of violating COVID procedures, and locals fearful of the Coronavirus spreading further have been compelled to deposit the bodies of their loved ones in the water, according to sources.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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