Police Arrest 6 People for Stripping a Woman Naked in Bengal

Police Arrest 6 People for Stripping a Woman Naked in Bengal

Police Arrest 6 People for Stripping a Woman Naked in Bengal. Six people were detained on Tuesday in Paschim Chengmar hamlet in Alipurduar district for stripping and displaying a lady nude for having an extramarital love connection. Five other individuals fled and their whereabouts are unknown, authorities added.

According to authorities, the incident occurred on Thursday night in Paschim Changmari village. Inside the boundaries of the Kumargram police station in West Bengal’s Alipurduar district. When a group of tribal villagers abused a tribal lady, ripped off her clothing, and displayed her nude. The lady allegedly left her spouse and moved away with another guy but returned to him on Thursday, six months later. Following the event, the lady returned to her parent’s house, and the police were unaware of the whole event.

The event gets the police’s attention on Sunday when a video of the event was extensively share on social media. She has been surround by locals upon her return to the hamlet, a police official said. In a Kangaroo court, village elders ruled that stripping would be a kind of “punishment” for her suspected adulterous involvement with a guy from another town.

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“Mariya na Kitna mariyega,” the lady is saying in the video. A West Bengal police squad traveled to Assam and returned the lady to her home, where she filed a report about the event. According to the complaint, the event included 11 individuals, six of whom have been detained so far. “We are still looking for the other offenders,” a senior police officer stated.

“A gang of individuals from a tribal hamlet tortured a local woman on Thursday night. We reacted promptly and informed the Officer in Charge of Khamakhaguri. A substation of the Kumargram police station, where six people are saying to be an arrest. We sought remand for 14 days and were given 12 days for further investigation. The remaining suspects are apprehending in raids. And necessary legal action will be taking “According to a senior law enforcement officer.

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