Trafficked Bangladeshi woman raped in India

A 22-year-old lady was raped and tortured by four Bangladeshi males and two women after being transported to India from Bangladesh. The Bengaluru Police detained all of the defendants on Thursday, and on Friday, the police had to open fire on two defendants attempting to flee custody, said the Tejgao police in Dhaka. Additionally, two additional cases have been filed at the Tejgaon police station.

Md. Shahidullah, Tejgaon Division’s Deputy Commissioner of Police, confirmed the situation, telling IANS that one of the accused, Rifatul Islam Hridoy alias TikTok Hridoy Babu, is a resident of Dhaka’s Hatirjheel neighborhood.

Babu and his friends are all Bangladeshi citizens and are part of a human trafficking network, according to Shahidullah. Bangladesh police, on the other hand, are attempting to repatriate the victim and her assailant, the source said.

Additionally, Shahidullah said that they learned about the arrest after calling the Kerala police. Law enforcement officers were able to identify Babu via his Facebook page.

Later, his parents verified the incident, stating that they drove him out from home due to his outbursts, and he has had no contact with them since.

Previously, a video of the 22-year-old lady being raped and subjected to severe torture went viral on social media, showing four men and two women savagely attacking the victim. Following that, the Assam police posted images of the footage in order to identify the suspect. Within hours, Bengaluru police apprehended four of the defendants.

They were all moved to Karegowda Layout in K. Channasandra, where they leased a home.

Two of them, Hridoy Babu, 25, and Sagar, 23, fought police officers and attempted to leave early Friday. In self-defense, the cops opened fire.

“Both were shot in the knees prior to their arrest and are now receiving treatment at a government hospital,” police added.

Meanwhile, the victim’s father has recognized his missing daughter and filed a report with Hatirjheel Police under the Prevention of Human Trafficking Act. Another Pornography Control Act lawsuit has been filed.

According to information, they are all members of the same Bangladeshi organization. Due to financial constraints, the perpetrators brutalized the victim, who is also believed to be a Bangladeshi who was smuggled to India as part of the human trafficking ring.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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