Bengaluru witnesses rare atmospheric phenomenon ‘Sun Halo’

Bengaluru witnesses rare atmospheric phenomenon 'Sun Halo'

The technology hub of Bengaluru on Monday saw a phenomena called Sun Halo, an optical phenomenon or a rainbow ring around the sun. It gave several faces a smile, with plenty of picture sharing and amusing social network titles.

The rainbow-colored halo around the light, seen almost from every point of view of the capital of Karnataka, has caught Bengaluru residents by surprise.

It was first seen at approximately 11 am and lasted more than one hour, when Bengaluru citizens filled social communications with photos of the unusual phenomena.

@MyGovIndia briefly sum up with the tweet “In the midst of a number of hard times in #COVID19, this magnificent optical phenomena #SunHalo, seen in #Bengaluru, has undeniably shined up the day!” “The sun and the dim world that prevails during Covid Time!

The Halo effect occurs when light is absorbed and refracted by ice crystals and can split into many colours due to dispersion according to Atmospherical Optics, a United Kingdom-based information sharing website.

“Like prisms and mirrors, crystals refract and transmit light between their mouths in many forms and concentrate light shafts. Visible phenomena such as halos were noted as part of weather mythology as an observational method of weather prediction until the emergence of meteorology. Weather prediction. They always show the imminent arrival of the rain in the next 24 hours because of the cirrostratus clouds generating it.” Explanation for Atmospheric Optics.

According to the Website, the halos are the collective glimpses of millions of crystals oriented and tilted in order to reflect on the eye’s refracted sun.

The critical point, according to the website, remains crystal symmetry, with only a few crystals with prism axes almost identical to the rays of the sun that cause light to flow along two sides.

When light is refracted or broken by ice crystals, the halos form around the sun. Tiny disconnected hairlike clouds produce spherical halos. Cirrus clouds are really good. At more than 20,000 miles, these clouds form the atmosphere.

Like a rainbow, a halo, often fully white but often with dominating shades in the spectrum, may be seen correctly.

At night, because of the same phenomenon, a similar halo can develop around the moon.

The people of Bengaluru were delighted to post rainbow coloured social media images. On Twitter, P.C. Mohan, a member of Bengaluru Central Lok Sabha, posted three images of the “sun halo.”

On Twitter, somebody else joked about the social distance even from the heat.

This is an unusual occurrence, though not uncommon. Several twitter users discovered previously in other regions of the world, archived images of sun halos.

The IFS Senior Officer Ramesh Pandey tweeted: “Although the Sun and Moon halos are unusual, they were seen in the regions before.

The Sun Halo, or 22° halo, is an artificial sunlight illusion that is refracted by millions of hexagonal ice crystals frozen in the atmosphere. It is spherical in shape, around 22 degrees in diameter, and circles the sun or the moon.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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