70% of IT security teams ’emotionally overwhelmed

Around 70% of IT and SOC (security operation center) personnel claim that their personal lives are damaged emotionally as a result of their employment monitoring IT threat alerts, according to a new survey released Friday.

This comes as the majority (51%) believe their team is overwhelmed by the number of alerts and 55% express doubt about their capacity to prioritize and react to them.

According to Trend Micro, which surveyed over 2,300 IT security and SOC decision-makers, it’s unsurprising that teams spend up to 27% of their time dealing with false positives.

“To prevent losing their finest employees to burnout, organizations must invest in more advanced threat detection and response solutions that can intelligently correlate and prioritize alarms,” Trend Micro’s Bharat Mistry said in a statement.

“Not only will this increase overall protection, but it will also increase analyst productivity and work happiness,” he said

Outside of work, the excessive amount of notifications renders many security operations centers (SOCs) managers unable of switching off or relaxing, making them unpleasant with friends and family.

Within the workplace, they prompt employees to disable notifications (43% do so on an occasional or regular basis), move away from their computer (43%), expect another team member would step in (50%), or completely disregard what is coming in (40 percent).

With 74% of respondents currently coping with a breach or anticipating one within the next year and the projected average cost of a breach at $235,000, the survey warned that the implications of such activities might be devastating.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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