Create your own cartoon character on Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar: Create your own cartoon character on Facebook “Avatar”.

Facebook has recently made this new feature ‘Facebook AVATAR’ available in all major internet user markets across the world, and thus on Tuesday, it made the feature available to India, the world’s second-largest internet market.


Create your own cartoonish character on Facebook avatar.

Amid nationwide lockdown and backlash against 59 Chinese-developed apps in the country, ‘AVATARS’ launch has been ramped up to further enhance its online social interactions.

With this feature ‘AVATAR’ you can create and share your own cartoonish character from different faces, hairstyles and outfits customized for you and share with your friends and others. You can use these letters when commenting on a post, inside stories, on their profile pictures, and even share it on Facebook Messenger chat windows and Whatsapp chats.