Google brings YouTube TV to the main app on Roku

Following Roku’s removal of the YouTube TV app for new users a week ago, Google has retaliated by adding the cord-cutting service to the main YouTube client.

On Roku computers, Google has added a “Go to YouTube TV” shortcut to the bottom of the main YouTube menu.
This will launch the YouTube TV service, which is no longer available as a standalone app.

According to 9To5Google, this tactic arrives when the Play Movies & TV app is being phased out in favor of a single YouTube app that does all.

Over the next few days, this update will be available to all YouTube TV subscribers on Roku, and we will continue to extend to as many devices as we can, according to the post.

“To ensure continued access to YouTube TV for our joint customers, we’re also working with Roku,” the firm said.

For the time being, they will use the site as well, but Google is “discussing with other collaborators to secure free streaming devices in case YouTube TV users have any Roku compatibility issues.”

Aside from the recent YouTube TV feud, Google stated that it is “in continuing, long-term conversations with Roku to certify the new devices meet our technological specifications.”

Roku is said to be dissatisfied with a demand that potential hardware adopts the AV1 codec, which is more stable yet computationally expensive. This necessitates more costly chipsets, raising the price of streaming devices.

The new Roku contract for the primary YouTube app expires in December 2021.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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