Google page Now password-protect that reflects your searches

Google also helps users to password-protect the tab that shows their search results, which further protects their browsing history and search preferences from prying eyes.

Users’ action history is stored and available through the ‘My Behavior feature while they use a Google device or device (Android smartphone or Chrome browser).

Google said in an update that “if you enable additional verification, Google would verify that you are who you think you are before authorizing you to access or delete your full history on My Activity.”

“It will aid in the security of the data stored on shared machines. This choice is available for My Operation only. Your search history will be visible in other Google products.” Furthermore, the organization said.

To safeguard your privacy while sharing a device, you should opt for an additional verification process before seeing your full activity history in My Activity.

To get started, navigate to and press the Verify My Activity link.

Android Police reports that when enabled, “the feature will prompt you to verify your identity before showing your history.”

“All this does is guide you to the regular Google sign-in page, where you can enter your password or sign in with your configured Android computer,” the study said.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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