iCloud users continue to be plagued by calendar spam

iCloud users continue to be plagued by calendar spam

iCloud users continue to be plagued by calendar spam. Despite earlier efforts to resolve the issue, some iCloud customers continue to get spam calendar invites, clogging their calendars with arbitrary events.

Apple said in 2016 that it was “actively addressing this problem” by “identifying and banning questionable senders.”

Victims are attack in a variety of ways. According to MacRumors, the most frequent way is to get a standard iCloud calendar invitation through their calendar app.

Interacting with the invitation, whether rejecting, accepting, or selecting “Maybe,” informs the spammer that the email is genuine, allowing it to be the target in the future.

Other individuals are targets through online pop-up advertisements on potentially dangerous or pornographic websites, according to the study.

Apple has not publicly said what exact steps it has made to resolve the problem. But a video released by Apple Support with over 97,000 views indicates that it has a solution.

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The video recommends that consumers unsubscribe from these spam calendars rationally.

The video makes no mention of how users may take proactive steps to avoid receiving invites in the first place.

One solution that some users have found beneficial is to reroute calendar invites to their email address rather than to the in-app calendar.

By forwarding calendar invites to their email, users may more easily manage and remove them.

iCloud users continue to be plague by calendar spam

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