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New DRAM memory tech for data centers develops by Samsung

Samsung Electronics announced Tuesday that it has created a new DRAM memory technology based on the Compute Express Link (CXL) interconnect protocol that has the potential to significantly improve data centre capacity.

Samsung introduced the industry’s first DDR5 DRAM memory module with the innovative CXL GUI.

CXL is an open industry-standard interconnect built on the PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0 protocol that allows high-speed, low-latency connectivity between the host processor and peripheral devices such as accelerators, memory buffers, and intelligent input/output devices.

In comparison to traditional DDR-based memory, which has a finite number of memory channels, Samsung claims that its CXL-based DRAM module will increase memory bandwidth to the terabyte level while lowering device latency.

This kind of memory module would be suitable for data-intensive applications such as artificial intelligence and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads in data centres, the company added.

Samsung said it expanded the memory size of its CXL-based DRAM using a business and data centre solid-state drive form factor (EDSFF), which is typically used for high capacity solid-state drives.

Additionally, the world’s largest memory chip manufacturer integrated many controller and software solutions, such as memory translation, configuration conversion, and error management, to ensure that the operating machine recognises and utilises the CXL-based memory as the primary memory.

After the CXL consortium was established in 2019, Samsung has been working with the data centre, server, and chipset manufacturers to create next-generation interface technology.

The South Korean technology behemoth said that its latest DRAM module has been effectively validated on Intel Corp.’s next-generation cloud platforms and that it intends to commercialize the device in the future.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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