Tinder to alert users before they send offensive messages

Tinder will often ask users ‘Are you sure (AYS)?’ prior to sharing potentially offensive language, in an attempt to reduce website bullying.

“AYS?” is a first-of-its-kind feature in the dating space, and the company announced on Thursday that it has already reduced offensive language in obtained messages by more than 10% in early testing.

It makes use of artificial intelligence to detect potentially offensive language and intervenes proactively to alert the sender that their message can be offensive, demanding that they pause before pressing send.

The AI was created in reaction to input from previous members, and it will continue to expand and evolve with time.

“The early findings from these features indicate that appropriate action may have a significant impact on improving behavior and cultivating an environment in which citizens feel safe being themselves,” said Tracey Breeden, Match Group’s Head of Social Advocacy and Safety.

“Are you sure?” Join Tinder’s existing harm prevention toolset, such as ‘Does this Bother You?’, which offers constructive feedback to customers when negative language is found in a response they receive. All of these features contributed to the app’s busiest year ever in terms of matches and interactions.

Tinder’s long-standing commitment to safety started with the Swipe and evolved into the need for mutual interest in order to add a post.

Over the past few years, the software has partnered with the Match Group Advisory Council (MGAC) to continue improving best-in-class features for the Safety space.

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Written by Ankur J Kakoti


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