Truecaller launches a new application for iPhone

Truecaller launches a new application for iPhone

Truecaller, the world’s leading global communications platform, today launched a new version of its iPhone app for users around the world. iPhone users have been neglected by CallerID and Spam blockers.

Consumers have been clamoring for a solution, and Truecaller has built a better mousetrap. The iOS app has been completely rewritten from the ground up to be lighter (smaller app size), more efficient (runs faster, even on the older iPhone 6S), but most important of all, it delivers 10x better spam, scam and business Caller ID compared to previous versions of the app.

This change has been brought about by an entirely new architecture that can more effectively take advantage of advanced background features in iOS. The new Truecaller for iPhone has developed the most up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive first-ring caller ID and spam detection for each geographic location by automatically updating spam information in the background.

The app also has a complete design update and user experience flow that translates to much shorter times to initial onboarding and faster daily navigation through the app. We have been innovating within the Apple platform to offer users more powerful features such as call alerts, call reason, and a handy search extension, said Alan Mamedi, co-founder and CEO of Truecaller. This update has been a long time coming for many iPhone users, and now we can bring you the best performing spam and scam identifier to help you separate the noise from the communication you want to respond to.

Highlights of the new Truecaller for iPhone: 10x better caller ID, 10x better protection against spam and scams Smoother and faster onboarding for new users Improved detail view when searching for numbers New Premium purchase flow with easier feature comparisons Extension of redesigned search (from Phone > Recents > Share contact)

Updates Coming Soon: Major improvements to SMS filtering, spam detection, and community-based services, including a redesigned number lookup widget to find unknown people even faster. numbers marked as spam and the ability to view and contribute comments on numbers marked as spam for additional context To download the latest version, visit Truecaller in the iOS app store About Truecaller We enable safe and relevant conversations between people and make be efficient for businesses to connect with consumers Fraud and spam are endemic to digital economies, especially in emerging markets.

Truecaller is an essential part of daily communication for more than 320 million active users, with half a billion downloads since launch and close to 38 billion spam calls identified and blocked in 2021. Based in Stockholm since 2009, we are a company run by co-founders. Truecaller is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since October 8, 2021.

Our corporate website offers a wealth of company information, including quarterly reports, board and management information, and press releases: For more information, contact: [email protected]