About Us

Since 2020, AxomLive News has served the people of the Northeast and across the Globe.

Every day, our goal is to convey the truth. We’re here to share tales about the Northeast and its inhabitants: people who assist one another and those who do harm to one another. People in positions of power are neglecting to serve the rest of us. Every day, ordinary folks are attempting to make it. AxomLive News’ journalism works diligently to safeguard your interests and assist you in navigating your everyday life.

We tend to elevate Northeast by bringing our culture to the forefront through our website “axomlive.in.” Many people are unaware, yet the Northeast has a rich history and its people are also brimming with talent that goes undiscovered due to a lack of exposure. As a result, we are attempting to demonstrate to the world what the Northeast is really about.

AxomLive News is one of the most recognizable media companies in the Northeast, specializing in the development and execution of integrated marketing campaigns that increase conversions and outcomes. As one of the most trusted brands in the Northeast, we work directly with you to understand your objectives and key performance indicators, and then use our market experience to develop and execute innovative media campaigns that motivate your target audience to act. AxomLive is your trusted Northeast specialist for research, marketing analytics, creative, multi-media planning and purchasing, and campaign performance management. More information is available here.