Indian envoy urges Canada to provide evidence for investigation

Indian High Commissioner in Canada, Sanjay Kumar Verma, emphasized the need for “specific and relevant” evidence in the killing of India-designated terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Verma stated that India is willing to assist Canada in reaching a conclusion in the investigation. He also urged for a focus on convergence rather than differences in India-Canada relations and encouraged Ottawa to send more business delegations. Verma addressed concerns raised by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, stating that India is only asking for relevant information to aid in reaching a conclusion.

In an interview with Canadian journalist Tahir Gora at TAG TV Toronto, Verma emphasized India’s readiness to consider any specific and relevant information provided by Canadian authorities. He also stressed the importance of dialogue and diplomacy to narrow the divide between the two countries. In response to the death threats faced by Indian diplomats in Canada, Verma deemed the threats “deplorable” and urged for legal action to be taken. He also highlighted the frustration felt by the Indian diaspora amid the standoff between the two countries.

Furthermore, Verma emphasized India’s openness to business and welcomed Canadian business people to travel to India. He also mentioned the resumption of electronic visa services for eligible Canadian citizens by India. Verma urged Canadian authorities to restart sending business delegations to India and reiterated India’s request to not allow Canadian soil to be used for anti-India activities.

Verma also addressed the diplomatic situation between India and Canada, highlighting the need for parity in diplomatic strength. He also stated that India has not imposed any regulatory hurdles for Canadian businesses and would facilitate various missions if Canada decides to take business and trade missions to India.

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