Tragedy Strikes as Boat Capsizes in Northwest Congo: 27 Dead, Dozens Missing


Boat Capsizes in Congo, Killing 27 and Leaving Dozens Missing

A tragic incident unfolded in the northwest region of Congo as a boat capsized, claiming the lives of at least 27 people. Additionally, over 70 individuals are currently missing and feared to have lost their lives. Rescue teams are engaged in a frantic search to locate survivors amidst the devastation.

A Locally Made Boat Disaster

In the late hours of October 13, a locally made boat met with catastrophe in the city of Mbandaka, situated in Equateur Province. The ill-fated vessel was transporting more than 100 passengers along the Congo River to the town of Bolomba. According to Taylor Nganzi, the deputy provincial governor, the boat capsized, shaking the nation with its tragic consequences.

“Already 27 bodies of victims have been removed from the waters and transported to the morgue of the general hospital in Mbandaka,” revealed Mr. Nganzi. He further added that an investigation has been initiated to determine the cause of the accident, offering hope for answers in this time of grief.

A Divergence in Death Toll Figures

The New Civil Society of Congo, a local civil society group, has reported a higher death toll of 49 individuals in the tragic accident. According to their account, the boat capsized following an engine failure. Jean-Pierre Wangela, the president of the group, shared his harrowing account with reporters, saying, “Everything started to sink.” Such discrepancies are not uncommon in incidents of this nature in Congo, where accurate figures can be challenging to establish.

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Race Against Time for Survivors

Volunteers have united with rescue teams to comb through the wreckage in a desperate bid to find survivors and retrieve the bodies of those who lost their lives. Families are left grieving, their loved ones tragically joining the list of victims in this sorrowful event.

“We are supervising the search for bodies with the river services and accompanied by the victims’ families,” assured Mr. Nganzi, emphasizing the importance of providing support to those affected by the disaster.

Battling Perils on the Congo River

Boat accidents are an alarming regularity on the Congo River and the nation’s lakes. Makeshift boats, often overloaded, are a common sight, putting the safety of passengers at risk. The majority of the population in the northwest region relies on river transportation due to insufficient road infrastructure and the cost-effectiveness it offers.

Recognizing the dangers involved, the Congolese government had issued a nationwide ban on night travel to prevent accidents. However, despite this directive, many individuals continue endangering their lives by defying the regulations.


The boat capsizing tragedy in Congo’s northwest has left a trail of devastation, with 27 lives confirmed lost and dozens more missing. This incident serves as a grim reminder of the dangers faced by those relying on makeshift boats for their transportation needs. The ongoing search for survivors and bodies reinforces the resilience and unity of the Congolese people in times of adversity.

As efforts continue to recover and provide closure to the families affected by this catastrophe, it remains imperative to address the underlying issues contributing to boat accidents. The development of robust infrastructure and the promotion of safe travel practices are crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of the Congolese population.

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