U.S. and India silence on Canada dispute during Jaishankar-Blinken meeting

India and US Ministers Discuss Bilateral Cooperation and Global Developments

The meeting between External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was centered around strengthening ties and discussing key issues of mutual interest. The discussion covered the recently launched India Middle East Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), as well as India’s upcoming G20 presidency.

Cooperation in various sectors such as defense, space, and clean energy were also on the agenda. These discussions were in anticipation of the ‘2+2’ dialogue, which involves the finance and defense ministers from both countries and will take place in New Delhi.

The US State Department’s readout of the meeting purposely avoided any mention of the discord between India and Canada. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, had previously accused Indian Government agents of killing a Canadian Khalistani separatist in British Columbia. However, neither minister explicitly addressed this issue during their conversation.

Despite the omission in the State Department readout, US officials have publicly encouraged the Canadian government to cooperate with their investigation. Trudeau acknowledged the support of the US, stating that they have been engaged in discussions with the Indian government about the importance of their involvement in pursuing the allegations.

Trudeau emphasized the need for all democratic countries that respect the rule of law to take these allegations seriously. He maintained that Canada would proceed in a thoughtful and responsible manner, anchored in the rule of law, while engaging constructively with the Indian government. Highlighting Canada’s Indo Pacific Strategy, Trudeau expressed a strong commitment to building closer ties with India.

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During his visit to Washington, Minister Jaishankar also met with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Trade Representative Katherine Tai, and Members of Congress. These meetings further underscore the importance of strengthening India-US relations.

At an event organized by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, Minister Jaishankar engaged with industry leaders to explore opportunities arising from collaboration between the two nations. Critical and emerging technologies and supply chains were among the key areas of discussion.

The focus on bilateral cooperation and global developments demonstrates the commitment of both India and the US to enhance their partnership across various sectors. With India’s growing economic power and its significant geopolitical role, building strong ties between these two nations remains a priority.

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