World Human Rights Day Quiz

On World Human Rights Day, take the ultimate quiz to test your knowledge about human rights around the world. From historical events to pivotal figures, this quiz covers it all.

The Genocide in Africa

While the Gaza siege is spurring anti-war protests and condemnations worldwide, in 1996 tensions between minority ethnic groups in Africa led to a genocide where over 800,000 people from one minority group were killed in 100 days, considered one of the worst violations of human rights globally.

The Father of the Declaration of Human Rights

Do you know who is known as the Father of the Declaration of Human Rights?

Answer: René Cassin, a former French soldier, turned jurist, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1968.

The Battle for a Woman’s Right to Make Sexual Decisions

Across the world, the debate rages on about a woman’s right to make sexual decisions for herself. What significant event in 2012 added heft to this battle?

Answer: In 2012, the UN declared birth control and access to contraception a basic human right.

The UN Declaration of Human Rights

The UN Declaration of Human Rights set a world record in 1999. What was the record about?

Answer: The most translated document in the world.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Anniversary

December 2023 marks the ___ anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Fill in the blank.

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This quiz covers crucial events and figures in the realm of human rights, testing your knowledge and raising awareness about the importance of human rights across the globe.

For more information on World Human Rights Day and the ongoing efforts to protect human rights, visit United Nations.

Are you ready to take the quiz and expand your understanding of human rights? Go ahead and test your knowledge on World Human Rights Day!

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