2024 Calendar: Browse Bookmarks and Art Prints

2024 Art Calendars: Spreading Hope and Positivity through Art and Affirmations

Artists are gearing up for the upcoming year with one mission in mind: to bring cheer and positivity to a world that often feels grim. From vibrant floral prints to unique bookmark calendars, these creations are more than just tools for keeping track of time; they are inspiring works of art that aim to uplift and encourage.

Vidya Kumaresan’s 2024 calendar collection at The Wishing Ink is centered around the theme of “A Year Of Positive Affirmations.” The calendars feature beautiful floral illustrations adorned with hand-lettered positive affirmations, designed to help people cultivate a habit of affirming and believing in their ability to achieve their goals. Priced at ₹799, these calendars are more than just a way to keep track of dates; they are visual reminders of the power of positivity and belief in oneself.

Similarly, at Unposted Letters, visual artist Vimal Chandran’s limited-edition calendar titled “Spring Time” comes with a handcrafted wooden bird stand, symbolizing hope and the possibility of new beginnings. Available in different formats, including a standalone piece and a combo with an illustrated book by the artist, these calendars are priced upwards of ₹1,350, and are a beautiful way to infuse hope and optimism into everyday life.

Daminih Verma’s 2024 calendar at Daminih Arts is a celebration of self-love through vibrant floral designs. With 13 different flowers chosen to depict different moods according to the changing weather, this calendar is a visual representation of empathy and positivity. Priced at ₹499 with an easel, these calendars are available on Instagram and serve as a daily reminder to stay calm and spread positivity.

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For those looking for a new and innovative format, artist Padma Malini’s bookmark calendar offers a unique way to keep track of time while also serving as a reminder to practice self-care. Featuring small habits that make one feel better, such as reading a book a month or listening to music, these calendars are more than just a way to mark dates; they are a reminder to prioritize self-care and well-being. Priced at ₹199, these bookmark calendars are available on Instagram and are a thoughtful way to encourage others to prioritize self-care.

Finally, Tirumala Prasuna Murali’s 2024 calendar is a reflection of everyday expressions of everyday people, capturing the passing of time through art. With 12 oil paintings depicting body language and realistic expressions of people and nature, these calendars are a beautiful way to celebrate the artistic expression and the beauty of everyday life. Priced at ₹750, these calendars can be ordered via email or phone and are a unique way to infuse art into everyday life.

As artists across the board gear up for the coming year, their creations serve as a reminder of the power of art to spread hope, positivity, and encouragement. Whether it’s through vibrant floral illustrations, hand-lettered positive affirmations, or innovative formats like bookmark calendars, these creations are more than just tools to mark time; they are visual reminders of the power of positivity, hope, and self-care in an otherwise challenging world.

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