Chennai art exhibit explores the history of sushi through art

At the venerated halls of Lalit Kala Akademi, an exhibition not merely displays sushi as a culinary delight but elevates it to an art form. Orchestrated by The Japan Foundation, this exhibit unfolds a rich tapestry detailing the evolution of sushi over a millennium, tracing its genesis to Southeast Asia and Southern China, before its advent in Japan during the eighth century.

This exposition showcases an eclectic array of sushi variants, with an accentuated focus on nigiri-zushi and its ascent to popularity, alongside an exploration of sushi’s transformation during the Edo period. The exhibit further illuminates sushi’s portrayal in ukiyo-e artwork, offering a window into the dish’s cultural resonance.

An interactive facet of this exhibition immerses visitors in a simulated sushi atelier, replete with a chef’s sushi preparation video and a life-size sushi booth, adorned with a traditional wooden sushi press. Moreover, a conveyor belt parades diverse sushi iterations, a nod to Japan’s celebrated kaiten sushi eateries.

Entitled “I Love Sushi,” this exhibition graces the Lalit Kala Akademi in Egmore until November 16, thereafter embarking on a journey to Kolkata, New Delhi, and Mumbai in subsequent months.

In essence, this exhibition provides an enlightening and unparalleled perspective on the cultural and historical import of sushi, rendering it an essential pilgrimage for aficionados of art and gastronomy.

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