Chennai Van Gogh Experience: Art Café & Infinity Room

A View of the Simulated Experience

Visitors will soon have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Vincent Van Gogh at the upcoming Real Van Gogh immersive exhibit, set to grace Chennai’s Express Avenue mall in January 2024. The exhibit, which has previously made stops in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, promises to offer a unique and vivid experience that sets it apart from previous showcases in other Indian cities.

What sets the Chennai exhibit apart is the use of 20,000 lumens projectors, a first-of-its-kind endeavor in India. According to Sharan John, founder of The Silly Fellows who brought the show to India, these projectors will bring unprecedented clarity and depth to the art on display, highlighting Van Gogh’s distinctive use of bright colors and bold brush strokes.

The decision to bring The Real Van Gogh immersive experience to Chennai was motivated by the overwhelming global success of the exhibit. Beyond merely showcasing art, the exhibit aims to transport audiences into an immersive realm that re-imagines Van Gogh’s masterpieces, making them resonate with audiences of all ages and demographics.

While the core narrative of most exhibits remains consistent to preserve the essence of Van Gogh’s artistic journey, certain aspects of the Chennai exhibit have been tailored to cater to the educational aspirations of the audience. One notable addition is the “deeply immersive” Infinity Room, a first in India, designed to provide visitors with a unique and captivating experience.

In addition to the immersive art experience, the exhibit will feature a Van Gogh-themed art cafe, offering visitors a space to relax and enjoy a blend of art and gastronomy. The cafe will be adorned with thematic decor and will serve a menu inspired by the artist’s life and work.

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The technical challenges of setting up 20,000 lumens projectors have not been overlooked. The team behind the exhibit has worked diligently to ensure that the projection aligns perfectly with the intricacies of the masterpieces, guaranteeing an optimal viewing experience for visitors. Additionally, to address concerns about the quality of the display, the exhibit will have ample staff for guidance and assistance.

The Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience will be on display from January 5 to January 20, 2024, from 10 am to 10 pm at Express Avenue mall. Tickets are priced at ₹799 onwards and can be purchased on

With Chennai’s rich history in art and artistic expressions, the exhibit is expected to be a resounding success, offering art lovers and enthusiasts an opportunity to engage with the exceptional works of Vincent Van Gogh in a completely new and immersive way.

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