Explore Abhinaya and Nritta at Dance for Dance Festival

Young Koodiyattam Artiste Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar Performs ‘Gajendra Moksham’ at Kalavaahini Festival

Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar, a rising star in the field of Koodiyattam, recently showcased his talent at the Kalavaahini Festival – Dance for Dance 2023. The event, which was part of the Kartik Fine Arts Margazhi festival, featured mesmerizing performances of Koodiyattam, Mohiniyattam, and Odissi on its final day.

Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar’s ‘Gajendra Moksham’ Performance

During the festival, Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar, the recipient of the Kalavaahini Junior Fellowship, 2023, presented his new solo production based on the ancient Sanskrit play ‘Gajendramoksham’. This performance marked a significant milestone in his career as a young artiste, as he showcased his exemplary acting skills and talent on stage.

The Story of ‘Gajendramoksham

The compelling production depicted three intertwined stories – the transformation of Huhu, a gandharva, into a crocodile, King Indradyumna’s transformation into an elephant, and the elephant Gajendra’s salvation by Lord Vishnu. Sreehari masterfully portrayed different roles and presented the motif with detailed and layered acting, captivating the audience with his performance.

Neena Prasad’s Mesmerizing Mohiniyattam Presentation

Renowned Mohiniyattam dancer Neena Prasad also graced the stage with her beautiful performance titled ‘Swathi Muthyam’. Known for her expertise in pure dance, Neena presented a captivating display of abhinaya and nuanced footwork, leaving the audience spellbound.

Madhavi Mudgal’s Enchanting Odissi Choreographies

The evening also featured a mesmerizing performance of ‘Vistar: Elaborations in Odissi’ by senior Odissi dancer Madhavi Mudgal and her talented team. The beautifully choreographed group performances, accompanied by the lilting music of Madhup Mudgal, showcased the grace and elegance of Odissi dance.

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Overall, the Dance for Dance festival was a celebration of the rich and diverse Indian classical dance forms, with stellar performances leaving the audience in awe. The talent and skill displayed by Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar, Neena Prasad, and Madhavi Mudgal truly made the festival a memorable and enchanting experience for all those in attendance.

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