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Exploring Nupur Kundu’s Art Exhibition: A Dive into Vibgyor Scape and More

Artist Nupur Kundu’s latest exhibition at Dhoomimal Art Gallery showcases a vibrant array of artworks that challenge traditional norms and embrace a spectrum of colors and textures. The artist’s inspiration for her Vibgyor Scape series stems from the idea that mountains need not be confined to shades of brown. Instead, she presents a 70-piece grid that bursts with dynamic hues, drawing on the spontaneity and creativity often found in children.

Unconventional Narratives: A Closer Look at Nupur Kundu’s Works

Curated by Uday Jain, the exhibition features seven art series, including the innovative Vibgyor Scape series. One standout piece, ‘Mosaic Scapes,’ blends abstract oil painting with intricate ceramic mosaic tiles, breaking free from conventional artistic boundaries. Nupur’s exploration of pastel shades in her ‘Pastellum Scape Series’ offers a tranquil and introspective journey through evocative softness and desaturation.

From Earth Scape to Palette Scape: Nupur Kundu’s Diverse Portfolio

Throughout her exhibition, Nupur showcases a wide range of works, including ‘Earth Scape,’ ‘Bloom Scape,’ ‘Red Scape,’ and ‘Palette Scape Series.’ Each series captures a unique essence, from the warmth of red to the cool tones of blue, inviting viewers on a visual and emotional journey.

One highlight of the exhibition is the release of Nupur’s book, a culmination of her three decades of artistic exploration. This retrospective offers a comprehensive overview of her evolution as an artist, providing insight into her creative process and influences.

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Plan Your Visit to Dhoomimal Gallery

If you’re eager to immerse yourself in Nupur Kundu’s mesmerizing world of colors and textures, head to Dhoomimal Gallery at G-42, Connaught Place. The exhibition runs until May 24th, welcoming visitors from 11 am to 7 pm daily. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the fusion of art and innovation in Nupur’s captivating works.

For more information about the exhibition and upcoming events, visit Dhoomimal Gallery’s official website.