Freedom from Inequality: Expressing Through Art

Ranjan Kaul’s Art Exhibition at Urban Fringe Gallery in Delhi

Ranjan Kaul, an artist whose work delves into social issues, recently showcased his thought-provoking solo exhibition titled “Within, Without” at the Urban Fringe gallery in Delhi. The exhibition featured over 50 oil paintings that serve as a mirror to the societal conventions that have crippled women, focusing on themes of inequality, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Symbolism and Satire in Ranjan Kaul’s Artwork

Kaul’s artwork is not just a visual representation but a profound commentary on the current sociocultural landscape. Inspired by real-life incidents like the Dalit women walking the ‘Kambala Naicken Street’ in Tamil Nadu, Kaul’s paintings aim to challenge norms and present a perspective of hope amidst despair. The paintings depict the plight of women in various social setups, shedding light on the issues they face daily.

For instance, one of Kaul’s pieces, ‘Slippers and Silver,’ was inspired by an incident in Rajavur village, where Dalits wore footwear for the first time, symbolizing moving from darkness to light. Another artwork, ‘Deal of the Day,’ was influenced by the Sulli Deals online app, portraying Muslim women being auctioned. Kaul uses his art to confront uncomfortable truths, such as sexual harassment and the commodification of women.

Exploring Disruptive Societal Conditions Through Art

Kaul’s exhibition goes beyond mere aesthetics, delving into the disruptive and disquieting conditions of contemporary society. His reimagined situations draw from mythology, literature, and symbolism, weaving a narrative that reflects the complexities of the world we live in. Through his art, Kaul aims to spark conversations and provoke thought about pressing social issues affecting women today.

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Visit Ranjan Kaul’s exhibition at Urban Fringe in Delhi to witness a powerful portrayal of societal norms and the struggles faced by women. The exhibition runs until April 22, from 11:30 am to 6 pm, providing a platform to engage with thought-provoking art that challenges the status quo.

For more information and to explore Ranjan Kaul’s art, visit the official website of The Hindu.