Jagannath Panda’s Delhi Exhibition: Unpredictably Visionary

Exploring the Art of Jagannath Panda at Vadehra Art Gallery

Delhi-based artist Jagannath Panda is currently showcasing his solo exhibition, Echoes of Unfathomed Worlds, at the Vadehra Art Gallery in the Capital. His artwork takes art lovers on a journey into the natural and unnatural spaces that people create to co-exist with all living creatures, while also reflecting on the urban constructions that have taken over spaces. Derived from belief, culture, and form, Panda’s imaginative canvasses use a deconstructive approach to better understand everyday living.

Unconventional Artistic Approach

Panda’s abstract artworks are constructed like a collage with a diverse range of materials, including papier mâché, rice paper, rice weed, fabric, auto paint, plywood, and randomly salvaged items such as Lego and plastic toys from his son’s childhood or cutouts from almanacs, a gardening guide, old fabric, and photographs. His art is a fusion of various materials and thoughts, playing with colors and materials with tactility to unlock unseen worlds and perceive what exists beyond the tangible world.

A Multi-Dimensional Experience

According to Panda, his artwork highlights solace and aims to engage viewers in a multi-dimensional experience. The seamless integration of ideas, images, textures, and concepts challenges preconceptions, sparks curiosity, and encourages deeper appreciation of the language of beauty in diversity.

A Closer Look at Panda’s Artwork

The ongoing exhibition, Echoes of Unfathomed Worlds, features over two dozen of Panda’s art pieces, including canvases, photographs, and mixed media installations. His combination of objects or people in motion and colliding them in a fusion of colors defies conventional theories of composition and symmetry, expanding the forms and structures in his work. Panda seamlessly blends the lines between art and craft and the various artistic mediums he chooses to work with.

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For instance, in one of his focused canvases, he uses photographs of Odissi dancers receiving instructions from their instructor and adds an assortment of wood, auto paint, wallpaper, cloth, and colors, freezing the frame in such a way that it captivates the viewer’s attention.

An Artistic Fusion of Diverse Elements

Panda explains his blend of various materials and ideas, striving to convey a harmonious fusion of diverse things to engage viewers in a multi-dimensional experience.

According to curator, writer, and filmmaker Premjish Achari, Panda’s works are like a living sensation, stirring up profound depths about the world we live in and the universe. Achari notes that Panda’s artwork merges several realities and challenges preconceptions, pushing the boundaries of imagination and preconceived realities.

Engage in a Multi-Sensory Experience

The exhibition at Vadehra Art Gallery, located at D-53 Defence Colony, offers art enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in Panda’s unconventional and thought-provoking artwork. The showcase will be open until January 19, from 10 am to 6 pm, providing ample time for visitors to explore and appreciate the diverse dimensions of Panda’s art.

In conclusion, Jagannath Panda’s artwork is a unique fusion of diverse materials and ideas, challenging preconceptions, and encouraging a deeper appreciation of the diverse beauty of the world. Visitors to the Vadehra Art Gallery can expect to be captivated by the multi-dimensional experience offered by Panda’s innovative and thought-provoking art.

By offering a journey into both natural and unnatural spaces and incorporating a deconstructive approach to everyday living, Panda’s art demands a closer look, pushing the boundaries of imagination and preconceived realities. So, seize the opportunity to explore the Echoes of Unfathomed Worlds exhibition and experience the art of Jagannath Panda firsthand.

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