Melody Uganda: Fusing African Music Genres for Positive Messages

Melody Uganda Band at International Indie Music Festival

Ugandan band Melody Uganda took the stage at the International Indie Music Festival (IIMF) at the Kerala Arts and Craft Village, delivering a performance that showcased the diverse musical influences of the entire African continent.

Exploring Varied Musical Genres

Melody Uganda’s music seamlessly transitions from Afropop to reggae, folk, and Congolese rumba, a testament to the unique blend of influences from each band member. Frontman Kakooza Manson, drummer Rako, and guitarist Erick bring their individual musical roots to create a sound that defies categorization.

Journey from Kampala to International Stage

In an interview with The Hindu, Manson shared the band’s journey from performing solo to collaborating to incorporate their diverse influences into their music. They aim to spread a message of positivity and love through their music, embracing different genres to create a unique musical experience.

Championing African Representation

While maintaining their Ugandan identity, Melody Uganda aims to represent the entire African continent through their music. Their performances include songs from various African regions, showcasing the rich cultural diversity of the continent.

Inspiration and Influence

Manson’s upbringing in a musical household, with his mother’s influence as a church choir singer, played a significant role in shaping his musical journey. Drawing inspiration from artists like Jose Chameleone and the Afrigo Band, the band pays homage to their musical roots while embracing modern influences.

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Challenges and Resilience

Despite their success in the music industry, the band members engage in other work for their daily survival. Manson’s involvement in farming and videography, Rako’s craftwork, and Erick’s audio production showcase their resilience in pursuing their musical passion while sustaining their livelihood.

Advocating for Change

Reflecting on the challenges faced by the music industry in Uganda, Manson emphasizes the need for government support to nurture musical talents, particularly among children living on the streets. The band strives to amplify the collective voice of musicians to advocate for positive change within the industry.

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