October Octaves returns to Bengaluru (8th edition)

Every year, October Octaves brings a diverse range of musical acts to the city, and this year is no different. In its eighth edition, the music festival will showcase the talent of Swaraag, an Indo-Western fusion band from Rajasthan, and Hargun Kaur, a singer from Punjab.

October Octaves: Celebrating Cultural and Melodic Diversity

Established in 2015, October Octaves has consistently aimed to broaden the cultural and melodic spectrum of the city by hosting different artists and genres. Last year, the festival introduced Iranian musicians who played traditional Persian instruments like the daf and kamancheh.

M Ramesh, the founder and organizer of October Octaves, explains, “Our idea has always been to deliver music from all genres, especially those that are uncommon in this city. After featuring fusion, Bollywood, and performances in other languages in previous editions, we decided to showcase the Sufi experience and traditional Punjabi music this year.”

Rajasthani Folk Band Swaraag: A Dynamic Blend of Genres

Headlining this edition of October Octaves is Swaraag, an eight-member band known for their mesmerizing renditions of Sufi, Rajasthani folk, and Bollywood medleys. With their versatile repertoire, Swaraag uses instruments like the sitar, drums, saxophone, khartal, tabla, and guitar to create a unique sonic experience.

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Swaraag’s exceptional talent and ability to blend different musical genres have made them a popular act both in India and abroad. They have carved a niche for themselves by infusing traditional Rajasthani folk with contemporary elements, resulting in a truly original sound.

Hargun Kaur: A Soulful Voice and Versatile Musician

Joining Swaraag on stage is Hargun Kaur, a talented singer from Punjab. Hargun specializes in ghazals and other genres of music that showcase her incredible vocal range and emotional depth. She is also skilled in playing the harmonium and keytar.

Hargun’s musical journey reached new heights when she became a finalist on India’s Got Talent in 2017. Through the show, she captivated audiences with her powerful performances and effortlessly showcased her versatility as a singer and musician.

Ramesh remarks, “Apart from their usual set lists, both Swaraag and Hargun Kaur will surprise the audience with popular Bollywood numbers and a few songs in other languages, adding an extra element of excitement to the performances. We want to highlight the universal and unifying nature of music through their art.”

South Bengaluru: A Cultural Hub in the Making

October Octaves not only showcases an array of outstanding musical acts but also aims to promote South Bengaluru as a cultural hub. Most concerts in the city are held in the central business district (CBD), making it inconvenient for those living in other parts of the city to attend.

Ramesh explains, “We intentionally host our shows in South Bengaluru to provide easier access for residents who are passionate about music. Our goal is to transform this area into a vibrant cultural destination where people can enjoy live performances without the hassle of long commutes.”

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Supporting Charitable Causes: Ananya — A Foundation For Happiness

True to its commitment to social responsibility, October Octaves continues its tradition of contributing to charitable causes. This year, the proceeds from the festival’s ticket sales will benefit Ananya — A Foundation For Happiness.

Ananya is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of underprivileged children and empowering them through education and other initiatives. By attending October Octaves, music lovers not only enjoy a fantastic musical experience but also contribute to a noble cause.

Save the Date: October 28 at the Prestige Srihari Khoday Centre for Performing Arts

October Octaves will take place on October 28 at the Prestige Srihari Khoday Centre for Performing Arts, starting at 5 PM. To ensure you don’t miss out on this incredible musical extravaganza, tickets are available for purchase on BookMyShow.

Join October Octaves in celebrating the rich diversity of music and the boundless joy it brings. Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of Swaraag and Hargun Kaur while contributing to a greater cause. South Bengaluru awaits your presence at this remarkable music festival!

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