Ragini Krishnan’s ‘Abhijnanashakuntalam’ Exhibition in Thiruvananthapuram

Ragini Krishnan: A 10-Year Dream Realized

Ragini Krishnan’s dream has finally manifested itself in the form of 17 acrylic paintings on display at Ganesham, Thycaud. This exhibition showcases her meticulous work, delving into the story of Shakunthala as depicted in Kalidasa’s Sanskrit drama, Abhijnanashakuntalam.

From Inspiration to Mastery: Ragini’s Artistic Journey

Originally from Kannur, Ragini found her love for mural paintings after settling in Thiruvananthapuram in 2008. She was captivated by an exhibition of mural works based on The Ramayana and subsequently became a disciple of Prince Thonnakkal, a renowned artist. Her artistic journey officially began with her first series, Krishna Nee Begane Baro, inspired by Lord Krishna, which was exhibited at the Salar Jung museum in Hyderabad in 2002.

Choosing a Classic: The Story Behind Shakunthala

While most Kerala mural paintings portray mythological tales, Ragini chose to deviate from this norm and focused on the classic, Abhijnanashakuntalam. This decision was influenced by her undergraduate professor, MR Chandrasekharan, who deeply immersed her into the verses and narrative of this timeless literary work. The project was no small feat, as she had to meticulously select episodes from the story to bring to life on canvas.

A Vivid Canvas: The Artistry of Ragini Krishnan

Ragini’s dedication in depicting the story of Shakunthala is evident in her choice of colors and her portrayal of emotions. Each painting is a vibrant fusion of hues, showcasing a striking combination of blue, green, pink, and red. Her seamless blend of shades and the emotive capture of the characters within the story are truly commendable. She has also taken artistic liberties in showcasing the lush green surroundings and wild animals and birds, a significant part of the story set in the forest.

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Exhibit Details: Witnessing Ragini’s Masterpiece

The exhibition is an essential part of the Soorya Festival and is on display at Ganesham, Thycaud, until December 10th. Visitors can experience Ragini’s 17 acrylic paintings from 5 pm to 8 pm, where they will be taken on an artistic journey through the compelling tale of Shakunthala as depicted in Kalidasa’s Abhijnanashakuntalam.

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