Rashmita Kanojia’s nature-focused mixed media art explores interconnectedness

Rashmita Kanojia, a renowned artist, is currently showcasing her first solo exhibition, Co-existence II, in Hyderabad. The exhibition, located at the State Art Gallery in Madhapur, features a collection of eight collective artworks measuring 20×4 feet, as well as over 100 smaller mixed media works measuring 12 inches. The exhibition is a result of Rashmita Kanojia’s win in the fourth edition of an All India Art competition and exhibition.

Depicting the Interconnectedness of Nature and Humans

The heart of Rashmita Kanojia’s exhibition lies in her fervent exploration of the intrinsic interconnectedness between humans and the environment. Through her artworks, she aims to remind viewers of the profound ecological relationship that exists between mankind and Nature. The exhibition vividly portrays the intertwining of Nature and humans, emphasizing the essential balance and coexistence between the two.

Embracing Humanity through Art

Rashmita Kanojia’s exhibition goes beyond highlighting the environmental aspect and delves into the artist’s deep-seated belief in the essential goodness of humanity. Her artworks beautifully capture the diverse experiences, emotions, and gestures of humanity, serving as a poignant representation of the power humankind has in establishing and nurturing connections. The exhibition delves into communal expression, showcasing how collective efforts can create a harmonious environment and promote overall well-being.

Nature’s Elements in Art

Moreover, the exhibition is an extension of Rashmita Kanojia’s earlier show, Co-existence 1, held in Amritsar, Punjab. It incorporates elements from Nature, such as natural flowers and dried twigs, into the artwork. The chaos of birds, dry leaves, and branches depicted on canvas represents the crowd and emptiness within ourselves. Additionally, the presence of dried twigs reflects the poignant portrayal of human sadness.

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Exploring Mixed Media Artworks

Rashmita Kanojia’s artistry goes beyond traditional methods, as she incorporates a combination of dry and water-soluble pigments with printmaking techniques to accentuate her mixed media works. The artist has a profound connection with Nature and emphasizes that it encompasses not only lush, green landscapes but also raw, unrefined elements. This approach aims to instill an appreciation for the natural world and the impact it has on our lives.

A Peek into the Exhibition

For those interested in experiencing Rashmita Kanojia’s stirring artworks, the exhibition is currently open at the State Art Gallery until January 16. Visitors can marvel at the profound beauty of her creations and immerse themselves in the powerful messages they convey. The exhibition promises an enriching journey that delves into the interconnectedness of humanity and the natural world.

In conclusion, Rashmita Kanojia’s exhibition, Co-existence II, serves as a compelling testament to the enduring bond between humans and Nature. Through her captivating artworks, she prompts viewers to reevaluate their relationship with the environment and embrace the inherent goodness found within humanity. Make sure to visit the State Art Gallery to witness this extraordinary showcase of artistry and environmental consciousness.