Renowned Musician Rashid Khan’s Critical Health Condition

Music Maestro Ustad Rashid Khan’s Critical Health Condition

Renowned music maestro Ustad Rashid Khan, who is currently receiving treatment for prostate cancer at a hospital in Kolkata, is fighting for his life as his health condition remains critical. The 55-year-old Khan is still on ventilation as he continues his battle against the disease. The hospital official confirmed on Sunday that the musician’s condition is critical and he is under constant observation by the medical team.

Worsening Health Condition Following Cerebral Attack

Tragically, Ustad Rashid Khan’s health condition took a turn for the worse after suffering a cerebral attack on Friday, further adding to the complexity of his medical battle. The health deterioration has left his loved ones and fans deeply concerned about the maestro’s well-being.

Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana Legacy

Ustad Rashid Khan hails from the illustrious Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana, with an esteemed lineage as the great-grandson of gharana founder Inayat Hussain Khan. His contribution to and influence in the world of Indian classical music is unparalleled, making his current health struggles deeply distressing for both the music community and his admirers.

We at The Hindu express our deepest prayers and well wishes for the swift recovery of Ustad Rashid Khan and stand in solidarity with his family and loved ones during this challenging time.

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