Review: “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” animated series – a simple and fun reboot

Revamped 2010 Film Becomes Animated Series on Netflix

A still from ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ | Photo Credit: Netflix
Netflix’s new series, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, is an animated revamp of the 2010 film, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, and graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley. It brings back the beloved character of Scott Pilgrim and reimagines the story with lively animation straight out of a video game.

Plot Overview

The series follows 23-year-old Scott, who is living a carefree life, playing bass for his indie garage band, and procrastinating about breaking up with his high-school girlfriend. Everything changes when he meets Ramona Flowers, a roller-skating girl who often appears in his dreamscape. Their love story takes a drastic turn when Ramona’s exes come into the picture.

Unique Retelling of the Story

Unlike the original film, Scott loses the battle with one of Ramona’s evil exes and dies, leading to a funeral. However, Ramona suspects that Scott is still alive as she keeps hearing him in the dreamscape. The series follows Ramona’s investigation into the incident and her confrontation with the demons of her past.

Insight into Each Evil Ex

The series provides insight into each of Ramona’s evil exes and their relationship with her. It explores their battles and how their lives were shaped after breaking up with Ramona. This creative dramatization of teenage heartbreak also delves into the feeling of being jilted for being who you are and the life-changing effects of heartbreak.

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Pop-Culture Homages

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off impresses with its pop-culture homages, including a tribute to Kill Bill. With dimension-hopping and colorful action sequences, the series also evokes thoughts of Everything Everywhere All At Once. It is an easy, sunny afternoon watch that is simple and fun, leaving viewers eager for a second season.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is currently streaming on Netflix.

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